🎧 Listen yourself, not people πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

Social media creates uncertainty due to nature of the job. Everyone likes distraction however you are spending too much time to listen others than yourself.

You are not focusing on yourself. Listen your heart not other’s opinions. Try to see evidence about your skills.

People are likely, when on their phones, to avoid thinking about things that are troubling, painful feelings or difficult relationships.” 

If you start to think “I’m not good enough!” whatever the reason is, start to recognise your achievements.

First have a journal and write everything during the day. See physical evidence of your growth. There is always improvements even in a simple day. When is difficult, break it into small steps and think only about your next step. Focus on your improvements. What can you learn about that? Stop playing around, leave your social media and take responsibility. Be aware of your avoidance behaviour. 

At the end, you are a problem solver. 

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